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If you love Alpine skiing, snowboarding, mountain Biking, tracking, and just want to relax from the bustle of the city - we invite You to visit us !

We will be glad to see You !

True carving lovers and the rest admirers of the ‘Protect your ears’ style will be really happy here.


Away from the cable road, the mountain is completely empty, which makes this the perfect place for those who want to train their skills or just want to ride in relaxation – you don’t have to dodge constantly, and nobody cuts.The resort is finely balanced and comfortable for tourists of all skating levels.


And even free-riders won’t be deprived of places to ski.


Nassfeld is well suited for snowboarders and new-school skiers. Every year a decent snow-park is being built here.


We offer some of the best value for money on the mountain for food and drink, the most modern lifts and an almost complete absence of lines.





Our cozy family hotel Waldkrieber is situated by the Alp’s toe on the lake Pressegger See shore.


Nassfeld is located in dolomitic Alps in the South-East part of Carinthia, right near the border with Italy.


Some of the ski area is partly situated in Italy. Altitudes are not the highest, but snow is absolutely guaranteed. Our resort has much to be proud of.


Here (who could have thought) the longest gondola lift ‘Millenium-Express’ in Alps is now in operation.

In just 20 minutes it travels more than 6 kilometres and rises more than 1390 metres.


Right here in Nassfeld the true world champion snowcats are working to make the slopes.Every night all 100 km and 280 hectares of the slopes are transformed into perfection.




In summer you can have a rest in Erlebnispark, situated on the lake shore.


You can enjoy swimming in the lake, which is filled with the purest Alpine water. The lake is warming up fast and because of this the swimming season lasts for all 3 summer months.


We also have volleyball and tennis courts, table tennis, and six trampolines on the park grounds. For those who enjoy more active pursuits, there are many hiking trails in our valley, located along mountain rivers and waterfalls.


Bicycle lovers will find great cycling routes, both in the valley and in the mountains.Some of Nassfeld’s tracks are open for mountain biking during the summer.

Kirill & Anna

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